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For me, nothing beats the excitement of arriving

at a random destination with one object in mind, and that is to, "Capture it beautifully!" 

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With the dawn of the Drone came the realisation that as a photographer I could suddenly capture images that have never been seen before.

The unique ability to offer clients photos from an elevated perspective became not just a novelty but a must have.


For many years I have thoroughly enjoyed the social aspect of event photography.

From Royal Events to Corporate Functions and Black Tie Dinners I absolutely revel in the challenge that these social occasions often present.



Pet photography is a relatively new genre for me.

Since moving North to Durham I quickly realised that a vast number of families enjoy the pleasure of owning one of our furry friends. 

My style is to capture them in a natural environment whereby they can relax and play while I get to work.

art nude

Photographing the Nude offers me the privilege of creating beautiful thought provoking figurative 

fine art.

I would love everybody to experience human beauty as art , openly and without shame.

I tend to specialise in the 'Environmental Nude' as I feel it offers the viewer a wider array of emotive viewpoints.

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