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home graphics

the kitchen scribbler®

An optically clear self adhesive personalised 

dry wipe graphic for your shopping or to-do lists.

No more scratching the fridge or drilling holes into the kitchen walls to hang a dry wipe board for your shopping or to-do list.


The "Kitchen Scribbler®" is an easy to apply optically clear dry wipe graphic that you can apply to your fridge door or inside of you cupboard.

Its super easy to fit and can be purchased in an array of colours and designs to suit.

We can even personalise one to suit you specific needs.



an energy supply shut off location sticker

Have you ever been at home and find yourself needing to locate the main energy shut-off valves or switches in a hurry?​

In addition to the obvious information are Emergency & Non Emergency Phone number and a section to record your "what3words" location.

Buy a sticker today, fill it in and apply it to the inside of the kitchen sink cupboard.

Make sure you tell the whole family where the sticker is, it could just save your precious home from disaster one day.

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